Why cold emails are important for Entrepreneurs

Cold emails are vital to entrepreneurs because they can lead to an increase in publicity, product sales, and open opportunities to grow both your market and business is size. This is a statement taken from the article I read about cold emails, “…Rick posted a great review of WeMontage on the über popular CNET.com tech blog. Within 20 minutes of Rick posting the article and emailing it to his list, I had two orders, a great in-app CRM chat session with a guy in Malta who says he will place an order after he shows the montage to his wife, and a fun conversation with a guy who bought an e-gift card for himself and his daughter…” James (who sent the cold email) is the CEO of WeMontage, “the world’s only website that lets you turn your photos into a large, custom collage on actual removable wallpaper.” By sending this cold email to Rick, James saw an increase in product sales in just a few hours. This is why cold emails are important to entrepreneurs, for it allows you the opportunity to help nurture your business to the next step.

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